Simple 3 Ingredient Tomato Sauce Recipe: Quick and Easy

Tomato sauce is a staple in many households and can be used in a variety of dishes. Making your own tomato sauce at home is not only easy but also allows you to control the ingredients that go into it.

simple tomato sauce recipe


To make this simple tomato sauce, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Fresh tomatoes (or canned San Marzano Tomatoes)
  • Olive oil (a higher quality olive oil is best)
  • Salt


  1. Start by washing and removing the stems and cores from your tomatoes. You can use any type of tomato for this recipe, but we recommend using Roma tomatoes as they are meatier and have fewer seeds.
  2. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and place them into a pot with some olive oil and salt.
  3. Cook the mixture over medium heat for at least 30 minutes, stirring occasionally and smashing the tomatoes as they soften to make the mixture increasingly sauce-like.
  4. Cook until the sauce is nicely thick. If you prefer a smoother consistency, you can blend the sauce in a blender or use an immersion blender to puree it.
  5. Taste the sauce and adjust the seasoning if necessary. You can add some herbs like basil, oregano, or thyme for extra flavor.

Enzo’s Tips

  • If you want to make a larger batch of sauce, you can double or triple the recipe.
  • You can also add some garlic, onion, or red pepper flakes for extra flavor.
  • For a smoother consistency, you can strain the sauce through a fine-mesh strainer to remove any seeds or skins.
  • Use this sauce as a base for other sauces like marinara, arrabbiata, or puttanesca.
  • Experiment with different types of tomatoes to find your favorite flavor.
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