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Hi, I’m Enzo!

My passion for Italian cuisine, which led to blog, can be traced back to my Italian father.

Raised on Italian dishes and yearly vacations to Italy, my upbringing in England, with the backdrop of an Italian family, made our home a sought-after destination for friends. They knew that dinner at our place meant a genuine banquet, a stark contrast to the one-dish affairs in most households. For anyone acquainted with Italian families, a three-course meal is the norm.

Childhood set the stage, and my love for Italian food persisted into adulthood. With my father (Nello), the culinary maestro responsible for all our home-cooked delights, being a seasoned chef with multiple successful restaurants, our dining experiences were nothing short of exceptional.

My foray into the culinary world began at the tender age of 8. Crafting pizzas for myself at one of my father’s pizza parlors marked the inception of my cooking journey, and the passion only grew from there.

Buon Appetito!

A few of my favorite dishes

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